Xiaomi teases the Mi 11 Ultra with revolutionary cooling design

By | March 27, 2021


The Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra has been your general fuss lately and we are no longer greatly surprised. Driving on the attend of final 12 months’s Mi 10 Ultra’s good fortune, which wasn’t even introduced formally out of doors of China, the Mi 11 Ultra is expected to show high-notch potency and aspects. And it appears the cooling diagram is one in every of them.

Xiaomi teases the Mi 11 Ultra with revolutionary cooling design(*11*)

In a brand spanking new Weibo put up, the company’s co-founder provided a sneak follow of what the new cooling blueprint is all about. Sadly, the Google translation within reason tricky throughout the perimeters however we purchased the gist of it. It’s one thing along the traces of “fleshy phase cooling tech” and the name possibly comes from the 3 states of the subject – cast, liquid and fuel.

It is said to make stronger thermal conductivity by means of 100% (does no longer ship by contrast to what) by means of implementing the so-known as VC soaking plate (vacuum chamber soaking plate). It has been primitive inside the Mi 10 Ultra as effectively. Nonetheless regardless of its take care of name, it has the an an identical running principle as a used vapor chamber – liquid gets heated, dissipates, becomes sizzling fuel, then into the subsequent chamber the put it is cooled down into liquid once more and repeats the cycle.

In all likelihood the cast protest has been typically called the heating plates themselves, or there’s something additional to it. Happily, we carry out no longer will have to wait outstanding longer previous to we learn additional about the tech as a result of the Mi 11 Ultra’s announcement date is excellent two days from now.

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