Best Time To Visit Tirupati And Hotels For a Tirupati Stay


India’s richest and most populous temple is at Tirupati situated in the Tirumala hills of Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh. Read on to find out the best time to visit Tirupati and also check out some good hotels in Tirupati.

Tirupati is a popular pilgrimage town in south India that is most famous for its legendary temple of Sri Venkateswara Swamy, a form of Lord Vishnu. The temple is situated on the top of the seventh peak of the Tirumala hills and is around 20kms from the town of Tirupati that is situated in the foothills. Tirupati attracts nearly half a million devotees almost every day making the temple the most populous place of worship in the world.

Best Time To Visit Tirupati And Hotels For A Tirupati Stay

The temple is also one of the richest temples in the world with a combined wealth of nearly Rs.50, 000 crores a good portion of which comes from selling hair of the devotees. This is because it is a famous ritual in Tirupati temple for devotees to tonsure their hair as a sign of humility and total subjugation to the Lord. Tirupati is quite well connected with the rest of the country by roads and railways.

The town also has its own international airport- The Tirupati International Airport that connects it with major cities of the world. The origin of the Venkateswara Swamy Temple is unclear but it has been under the supervision of numerous ancient rulers and the temple has also been mentioned in numerous Hindu scriptures.

When visiting the temple devotees have to follow a divine rule that is of visiting the Varahaswami Temple before visiting the Venkateshwara temple. The climate of Tirupati is quite extreme with hot and humid summers and cold winters. Therefore the best time to visit Tirupati is during the onset of winters in the month of September-October as the temperature is soothing and rainfall is quite moderate. You can enjoy the green scenery of the Tirumala Hills as the vegetation would have revived due to the rains and the beautiful waterfalls would be in full flow. The pleasing climate coupled with the green scenery would make your trip to Tirupati quite memorable. Check out some of the fine Tirupati hotels for a comfortable stay.

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Top Rated Hotels in Tirupati

Bhimas Deluxe Hotel is according to popular opinion one of the best hotels in Tirupati. It is located near the main temple and enjoys a customer recommendation of 92% which means it will be preferred by 9 out of 10 guests. Previous guests have praised the hotel’s location and its facilities and have asked for a better rating of the hotel. Hotel facilities include a multi-cuisine restaurant, bar, and 24hr room service. The rooms are well furnished and cost Rs.1550.

Hotel Sindhuri Park is among the popular Tirupati hotels and enjoys 86% customer recommendation. The latter implies that 9 out of 10 people would love a second visit. The hotel offers well-furnished rooms and hotel facilities include a pure vegetarian restaurant and internet facility. The rooms cost Rs.1980.


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