When Is the Best Time to Visit Koh Samui?

Koh Samui is without a doubt among Thailand’s most popular summer holiday destinations. The island is located off the east coast of Kra Isthmus, close to southern Surat Thani. It is the 2nd biggest island, alongside Phuket, which is also a favorite tourist spot.

The island of Samui is visited each year by some 1.5 million tourists from all over the world for its apparently endless stretch of powder-white sand beaches, coral reefs, coconut covered hillsides, along with the outstanding Koh Samui weather that makes enjoying the shore just perfect. With many different hotels and lodging places, every kind of traveler is welcome-from budget travelers to wealthy tourists looking for a superb escape from the bustling city.

So if you’re looking to have a tan while using a lot of fun under sunlight diving, holiday, island hopping or just sunbathing, then Samui could be your best vacation place!

When Is The Best Time To Visit Koh Samui?
When Would You Have the best Weather?

If you are looking to get a great vacation in the island, the best months to visit is between February to May-these will be the weeks where you can definitely expect the best Koh Samui weather, even as the sun is up and there’s hardly any possibility of rainfall. During these months, temperatures can reach up to 38 degrees Celsius. As anticipated, these will also be the peak months for hotels and resorts surrounding the area.

The island loves only two seasons-sunny and moist. So be sure you’re not caught in the rainy season, which frequently comes around June to August or else you may be expecting some downpour. However, being a tropical island, you can expect the Koh Samui weather to be dry and humid most of the year.
Reading distinct sites and testimonials on the island can provide you varying views on if the best time would be to visit the island. It can fluctuate between several weeks, but the months we proposed here may be the closest bet to this get the best Koh Samui weather for your particular summer or holiday vacation.

Aside from weather concerns, Samui is unquestionably among the best island destinations in Asia, if not the world. It offers world-class diving websites, luxury resorts, first-class dining spots, and the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. All your fantasies will come true.

So get your family together, book your flights, book a hotel, pack your luggage and have the best vacation ever!

As confessed, I was drinking Bacardi Breezers in August 2003 (and thinking I was cool). On my last day I ‘discovered’ Koh Samui rum at Magic Alambic Distillery (and have never touched another Breezer).

Don’t miss the local stuff

Thanks to the passage of time, there’s a world more option for drinks on Koh Samui today. I’ve just updated the results of 14 years’ dedicated booze research in The Koh Samui Guide. Should you want to drink the Bacardi rainbow, Koh Samui Tesco has your back.

Koh Samui for first-timers

I often say that The Koh Samui Guide is ‘the guide I wish I’d had’ from the start. But my ‘ life and learn’ the first trip to Koh Samui was still a perfect vacation – as I hope, yours will be. Still, if you want the cheat-sheet to enjoy Samui like total pros… I’ve literally written the manual. Enjoy!

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