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The Power of Intention – Do Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Tips Really Work?

By | March 27, 2021

In his guide The Power of Intention, Dr. Wayne Dyer’s major level appears to be that your lifestyles is co-created via you and “Intention” (which is his phrase for God or the Source of all energy). Life is a continuing, everlasting procedure this is at all times functional. In reality, Dr. Dyer says there are not any injuries… Read More »

The Power of Intention and Free Will, and the Story of My Life!

By | March 26, 2021

Learning How to Forgive in Difficult Situations In an previous article relating to forgiveness [“The Power of Love and Forgiveness”], we spoke about the significance for the sufferer of abuse, Sociopathy, or overlook to learn to forgive, and to center of attention their lives extra on Love fairly than on concern and anger. This article will quilt some… Read More »