Samsung Galaxy S21 goes through the ultimate 12-day underwater test

By | February 11, 2021
Samsung Galaxy S21 goes through the ultimate 12-day underwater test,

We perception the instances of phones being submerged into water on YouTube are method on the inspire folks as the IP68 score has grow to be a standard function for all flagship units. On the reverse hand, the channel Photo Owl Time Lapse has taken issues to at least one different stage via leaving a perfectly operating Samsung Galaxy S21 inside a water tank for 12 days.

What’s extra, the video become once streamed on YouTube and the experiment is just about over on the time of writing this newsletter. There are 3 updates inside the video’s description saying that the moisture detection function has grew to grow to be on and the display screen began misbehaving for a while. The moisture caution is soundless there however the display screen began functioning however all however once more. The audio gadget appear to incorporate taken the ultimate understand hit since they manufacture now not appear to be functioning neatly anymore.

On the reverse hand, given the period of the test and the fact that the cell phone is submerged into 50cm, the handset is doing a very upright of keeping itself. That is 12 days under water while the IP68 score is for 1.5m intensity for ultimate half-hour. Let that sink in…


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