Best Month of the Year to Photograph in Hawaii (July Is The Best Month)

By | August 14, 2019


Hawaii is a year-round travel destination, but if you’re a shutterbug, the best month to visit the islands is April.

It’s all to do with the seasons. January to March is our winter here, and that means it’s our rainy season. In the middle of February, it rains almost every day, with no blue skies in sight. As a professional photographer, I can tell you it’s very difficult to produce photoshoots during our winter season. Half the day is spent waiting for an opening in the weather, and most days are canceled outright.

April is ideal because the weather starts clearing up for sunny weather. However, the real benefit is that our mountains are full of lush green foliage from 3 months of rain. Our winter season in Hawaii isn’t very cold. In fact, average temperatures during winter are about 76 degrees. Late in summer, it averages 81. The real difference is that during winter, it can rain every day for weeks on end.

Most people tend to visit Hawaii during the summer. And, while it’s still beautiful from May to September, the landscape starts to “lose its freshness”. It does not spring anymore. Our trees and grassy areas are starting to dry out and won’t be green again until winter. By the time our fall season rolls even our most iconic attractions, Diamond Head at the base of Waikiki beach will have lost all tints of green. The mountain is dry and barren with wheat-colored grass. You won’t see patches of green again until January.

By the end of April, you’ll almost have a full 13 hours of sunlight each day with a sunrise at 6:01 Am, and a sunset at 6:56 PM. Even with those long days, you’re still at the tail end of spring. That means cooler temperatures, with 76 degrees being the average. Going out on photography treks all day isn’t a problem in these temperatures. It’s still advisable to hydrate and bring water with you if you are taking pictures in the mountains, around town or at the beach.

Another benefit of visiting and photographing Hawaii during April is that summer break hasn’t started yet. If you’re looking for unspoiled vistas and open beaches, the off-season is the time to visit. There are exceptions to where you travel in the islands. In Kona on the Big Island, it’s always dry no matter what month it is. And on Kauai, it rains year-round. Bur if you do pick a month to visit Hawaii with photography in mind, you’ll be very pleased if visiting in April.

first-timers to the Islands, repeat visitors and local island-hoppers—sounded off in one of the most debated categories: What’s the best Hawaiian Island?

1. Maui

It is love at first sight for the majority who step foot on Maui. From witnessing the sun rise at Haleakala Summit to driving the adrenaline-pumping Road to Hana, the Valley Isle has pretty much everything a vacation calls for. “The best mix of quiet, natural scenery and crazy fun activities,” one reader elaborated when casting a vote for Maui. “You can do it all on Maui!”

This sentiment is echoed across the thousands of votes for favorite beaches, hikes, natural sights, hotels, restaurants and land and sea activities that abound here. It’s clear what makes the island rise to the top of our list year after year; this is the fifth consecutive year Maui has been crowned Best Island by readers.


2. Oahu

It’s the most visited of all the Main Hawaiian Islands and people keep coming back for more of it. Based on our readers’ votes and comments, we’ve determined its Oahu’s town and country vibe that keeps travelers equally reenergized and rejuvenated.

It’s all about choices here, where you can hit up one of Honolulu’s tropical beaches, then escape to a lush botanical garden on the Windward Side, if you so decide, and in a single day. Also, Honolulu is Hawaii’s epicenter of cool, attracting a class of travelers who seek out cutting-edge restaurants and bars by way of Chinatown, an emerging arts scene in Kakaako and a growing crop of boutique hotel options that would please any aesthete.

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