LG isn’t giving up on smartphones

By | January 16, 2021

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A most present image from Korean e-newsletter The Elec introduced a dramatic fashion in tow for next week, particularly that LG would drawl its go out from the smartphone marketplace.

LG begs to switch, nevertheless. Based most commonly on the company’s international communicator for consumer tech, Ken Hong, all of this is “absolutely pretend and with out advantage. I may maybe smartly smartly even not even justify that rumor with a remark”. Which is ironic, on tale of a remark is strictly what this appears to be to be.

LG isn't giving up on smartphones

Anyway, for those who were vexed that the cellular global would lose LG, recreational confident, that is not the case. The company is engaged on an exhilarating having a seek for rollable smartphone to be introduced later this yr.


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