JAYS f-Five True Wireless review

By | November 16, 2020


The f-5 Correct Wi-fi are essentially the latest wi-fi earbuds from Swedish audio price JAYS. They plan a really wi-fi gain and advance in at an more cost effective $79 impress ticket while claiming to present powerful of the equal quality and performance as extra costly products.

JAYS f-Five True Wireless review


f-5 bear a standard in-ear truly wi-fi gain, the set the two earbuds advance interior a compact raise case that additionally doubles up as a charger.

JAYS f-Five True Wireless review

The case has a vertical gain and is comparatively puny and lightweight-weight. It’s produced from exhausting matte plastic that would not feel notably excessive quality but is appropriate for the impress.

The front of the case has LEDs to level impress role for the battery interior the case. The USB-C charging port is positioned on the attend in residing of the bottom so the charging cable stands out at an new perspective when plugged in.

JAYS f-Five True Wireless review

The magnetically held lid covers the two earbuds, which could be somewhat easy to buy out. The earbuds additionally bear a matte texture but feel powerful extra top class than the case. The uniform unibody look is additionally pretty good with few distractions positioned on the outdoors as antagonistic to the tall JAYS logo.

The attend of the earbuds bear capacitive touch controls built-in. Due to tall home of the touch floor, I stumbled on it changed into somewhat easy to faucet the touch controls unintentionally when placing in or taking the earphones out of your ears or the case.

JAYS f-Five True Wireless review

The f-5 gain not bear wear detection, so the tune would not automatically discontinuance even as you buy them out of your ears. Whereas not a overall plan in this impress fluctuate, it’s additionally not notably new.

Whereas the overall assemble quality, match and gain of the earbuds is moderately good, the f-5 terminate not bear any grime or water resistance.


No topic the in-ear trend gain, the JAYS f-5 gain not truly take a seat too a ways interior your ears. The silicone ear pointers accelerate perfect deep ample to gain a seal but that is about it. In the starting up it feels love they’d presumably tumble out but that would not truly happen.

JAYS f-Five True Wireless review

By manner of comfort, the f-5 are pretty perfect. On yarn of they intrude so puny within your ears, it’s miles simple to neglect after a while that you’re even carrying them.


The JAYS f-5 gain not bear any companion app. This procedure you can not change the firmware and or customize the touch controls. Any audio quality adjustment will additionally must be performed from the connected tool.


Audio quality

The JAYS f-5 bear a single 6mm dynamic driver on every aspect. They pair to your tool over Bluetooth 5.0 using SBC.

The f-5 bear ideally suited audio quality for the impress. They bear a somewhat engrossing, mostly neutral sound that works all the procedure by a fluctuate of genres and order material.

JAYS f-Five True Wireless review

The f-5 bear a somewhat perfect bass response. It lacks among the low-stop thump and rumble but is silent tight and punchy. On the change stop, the treble response is additionally impressive, with perfect detail and decision but with out any sibilance or harshness.

The mid-fluctuate is decent however the weaker aspects of the sound. There is a dip in the mid region, which causes some vocals to sound hollow and lackluster. The equal can additionally happen to any instrument that falls in this frequency fluctuate. No longer all vocals and instruments tumble in this region, so on many tracks it changed into gripping to bear a study this deficiency but on others it changed into exhausting to ignore.

The f-5 additionally bear perfect imaging and soundstaging. The sound is comparatively huge despite being in-ear and would not sound as boxed-in as among the wired earphones in this impress fluctuate. That is one of some powerful advantages of wi-fi audio as the DSP can perfect atone for the barriers of the drivers or the gain factor.

Overall, the sound quality of the JAYS f-5 is moderately engrossing, notably for a residing in this impress fluctuate.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t in a region to terminate my frequent microphone check on the f-5. I did make a few calls and no one had any anguish with the audio quality but past that I gain not bear extra to characterize on the topic.

JAYS f-Five True Wireless review


The JAYS f-5 aren’t active noise-canceling earphones. The in-ear gain offers some isolation from ambient noise, which is in overall ample but you aren’t getting the equal level of isolation as an active residing.


Unfortunately, latency is a necessary anguish with the f-5. In my checking out, movies had been unwatchable as a result of delay in the audio. This changed into tested over extra than one recommendations, gadgets, and platforms however the stop outcome changed into the equal. I bear never bump into this miserable latency in a Bluetooth audio product in some time. Gaming is really out of the query with these.


The JAYS f-5 had legit connectivity in my checking out. On the change hand, on a few occasions, one of the earbuds perfect switched itself off for reputedly no motive, and then needed to be manually switched attend on. That will not be a connectivity anguish, per se, but one thing to show camouflage.

Battery Existence

The JAYS f-5 product page makes complicated claims regarding the battery existence of the product. At one level, it claims the earphones last for 4 accurate hours and the case offers three further prices for a total of 16 hours. And then on the equal page you additionally watch one other resolve stating 4.5 hours of fixed usage for a total of 18 hours with the case.

JAYS f-Five True Wireless review

In my checking out, I got between 4.5 to five.5 hours of battery existence. The outcomes had been inconsistent between extra than one runs so it’s gripping to nail down the final resolve. Overall, even though, it does match and every so often exceed the claimed figures and is moderately decent overall for a product in its class.


For $79, the JAYS f-5 Correct Wi-fi are perfect value for money. They are cushty, bear decent battery existence and bear perfect audio quality.

JAYS f-Five True Wireless review

Unfortunately, the excessive latency makes them unusable for watching movies or enjoying video games and there had been occasional hiccups in reliability for the length of my usage. They are also light on facets, so you won’t gain issues love wear detection and water-resistance that one other earbuds in this impress fluctuate could presumably provide.

If none of these downsides bother then you definately the f-5 Correct Wi-fi are price brooding about.

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