imoo Watch Phone Z6 review

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We’ve reviewed a great deal of smartwatches here on GSMArena and a couple of thousand telephones, even a couple of look telephones, but none fairly treasure this one. As my daughter started attending pre-college this year I went browsing for a resolution that will give her the fragment of thoughts of being in a position to assign us any time with out proving much of distraction to her or any individual spherical her.

My search brought me to the imoo Explore Mobile phone Z6 and, having already assign it to make employ of for a stout month, this evaluation used to be born. The short version is that it’s a huge hang even when its software program has a lot of room for enchancment. Read on for the fundamental points.

imoo Watch Phone Z6 review


imoo is a firm started in 2012 and has centered on kids’ watches for the previous five years. The Explore Mobile phone Z6 is their fifth generation product, sticking to the same outdated practice of Chinese companies skipping the number 4.

A key contributor to me deciding to head with them is that they’re in actuality formally represented in the US, Europe, Australia, Recent Zealand and Singapore having their personal stores, enhance and carrier centers fairly than relying on a third celebration reseller as most of their rivals are spherical these substances. The compliance with EU’s GDPR is prominently featured on imoo’s net blueprint even when each and every other product formally sold in Europe (including these imported by resellers) can match that.


Transferring on to the correct product at hand – it comes alongside a proprietary charger that ends in a USB-A port you can stick into any charger. You might perhaps flip the Explore Mobile phone Z6 delivery to fee it, for the rationale that pins are on its underside, but the magnetic attachment snaps with out considerations and securely in space.

There’s no spare band because the equipped one has a wide adjustment fluctuate that will match any shrimp one’s wrist. Thanks to the bracked aged to enable the Explore Mobile phone Z6 to also stand supreme, they’re going to no longer be with out considerations replaceable, but on the upside they match correctly and present beautiful comfort as well to being rugged ample so odds are you received’t favor to.

imoo Watch Phone Z6 review

The colour suggestions are green, which has two assorted green shades on the body of the Explore Mobile phone and red, which has red as its accent colour. In each and every circumstances the strap is predominantly dusky on the out of doorways though.

Create and operation

The imoo Explore Mobile phone Z6 is built spherical a 1.41” AMOLED touchscreen showcase with a resolution of 320×360 pixels. It’s intellectual ample to be aged in any lighting and moderately responsive so it’s no longer bothersome.

imoo Watch Phone Z6 review

There’s a sheet of unspecified Corning Gorilla Glass on top alongside with a pre-applied cowl protector. The latter undoubtedly is useful as kids are certain to subject the Explore Mobile phone to bigger than the same outdated amount of abuse as they glean aged to carrying one thing on their wrist. At that point I peeled a carefully scratched protector and used to be left with a pristine cowl, which lasted gorgeous correctly up to now.

There single button on the facet of the Explore Mobile phone Z6 is a vitality key so you can employ it to wake the look cell phone or turn off its cowl.

imoo Watch Phone Z6 review

The UI is thus nearly exclusively navigated by touch plus the acquainted swipe from the facet gesture for advantage.

On the tip is the unlock button that enables you to flip the look supreme and both indulge in a extra overjoyed space for video calls or employ the rear camera. It also makes it conceivable for the shrimp one to showcase you stuff the usage of talked about rear camera and that’s in actuality one in every of the cleverest bits about the Mobile phone Z6.

The rear camera has an 8MP sensor, when compared to the 5MP one within the entrance-facing one and whereas neither is fabulous by smartphone standards they are miles sooner than the leisure other smartwatches can offer.

imoo Watch Phone Z6 review

Below it is the microSIM card slot, which might be very straightforward to operate even with out the special tool, even when that makes shrimp distinction as you on the total handiest access it once. Extra down are the pins for the charger.


Right here is the Explore Mobile phone Z6’s strong point – it permits you to make employ of its accomplice app to space what numbers your shrimp one can dial and even place photos to them in case the shrimp one can’t be taught but. The map of adding the photos themselves is a chunk cumbersome, but since you handiest favor to discontinuance it once it’s no immense deal.

You’re going to be in a position to forestall folks out of doorways the contacts checklist from reaching the number or let all calls and messages warfare by map of. There’s also an non-mandatory class mode, which will reject all calls and messages in obvious times of the day with an additional toggle that can quiet enable fogeys so as to assign the shrimp one.

And whereas these are considerably fashioned amongst Kids’ watches the answer to discontinuance video calls over an records connection is considerably of a standout characteristic. In most international locations for the time being limitless train calls are the norm with records plans also rather accessible, but native 3G video calls are quiet a paid carrier.

The Explore Mobile phone Z6 on the opposite hand does video calls over its proprietary app, comparable to a messaging shopper, saving you an attractive penny in the project. The shrimp one can toggle between the 2 cameras so you can both ogle them or their environment.

imoo Watch Phone Z6 review

There’s also a chat option, where it is likely you’ll alternate audio messages with the same outdated press to chat UI or ship dinky gifs from what’s absolutely a restricted quite a lot of. There’s no keyboard on the look, but it is likely you’ll ship textual narrate from the cell phone to the Explore Mobile phone Z6 whenever you happen to want. Finally you presumably also can alternate photography, which is extremely handy for when showing each and every other one thing.

Finally chats and video calls require each and every of the contacts to indulge in the imoo accomplice app assign in. The contacts with out it are restricted to customary calls and SMS.

Tool and accomplice app

The Explore Mobile phone Z6 has a straightforward UI with an non-mandatory lockscreen that you swipe as much as push aside. Alternatively it is likely you’ll disable it and wake straight on the watchface, which has several suggestions to select out from – nothing too treasure but you glean to assign a personalised listing whenever you happen to treasure to favor to. One the left are the contacts for like a flash calling by both train or video, whereas on the right are the apps, including chat, step monitoring, gallery and steps.

There’s are a bunch of other apps that indulge in restricted to no employ at it handiest works whenever you happen to’ve bigger than one imoo Explore at hand. Seeing how offering as shrimp distractions conceivable used to be a key ingredient when shopping for the look in the fundamental space I can’t hiss I used to be too dissatisfied. Better but, you glean to absolutely take away them from the accomplice app so that they don’t glean in the map.

While it does bound stout Android, the dearth of extra apps to download from the app retailer and the dearth of solution to sideload any map that you’re handiest getting the dialog aspects and a step tracker. That used to be precisely what I used to be shopping for, but whenever you happen to are attempting to glean one thing with extra functionality to suit a bigger shrimp one it’s perchance no longer going to be your thing.

On the upside the stripped down Android runs correctly ample on the decidedly low-vitality Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100. It’s no longer huge gentle or lightning fast by any map, nevertheless it’s no longer bothersome, which will’t be talked about for a great deal of its more cost-effective designate rivals. It used to be also valid ample without a freezes, random reboots or the leisure.

The accomplice app on your cell phone might be very dejected, nevertheless, with a UI that leaves a lot to be desired. Lots of the texts are poorly translated and also you don’t glean a right timestamp for one of the most messages you receive, which makes you shock in the occasion that they indulge in been supreme bought or in the occasion that they’re from some time ago.

It does serve its motive allowing you to alter most of the Explore Mobile phone Z6’s settings and also you glean aged to its idiosyncrasies, nevertheless it’s undoubtedly short of a lot of work and better English translation.

imoo Watch Phone Z6 companion app
imoo Watch Phone Z6 companion app
imoo Watch Phone Z6 companion app

imoo Explore Mobile phone Z6 accomplice app

Also, one in every of the in another case valuable aspects it gives is dubbed safety guard and it sends a notification when your shrimp one leaves a selected place. You’re going to be in a position to even space it to handiest work in undoubtedly hours, which might perhaps develop it huge for informing you that you shrimp one has left college when it shouldn’t indulge in. On the opposite hand the handiest solution to outline a place is the by Wi-Fi networks. This made it completely needless to me as my daughter’s pre-college doesn’t indulge in a publicly accessible Wi-Fi.

The silver lining is that the app ran agonize free on quite a lot of telephones I attempted it – a bunch of Samsung Galaxies, including the problematic for a great deal of apps Z Fold2, a two-year outdated college Xiaomi Mi 8 SE and an iPhone 11. It didn’t indulge in an impact on battery life on any of them even when it’s continuously on so you can receive the messages so the advantage discontinuance seems huge. With rather luck imoo addresses the UI deficiencies and makes the entire thing less of a chore to make employ of.

Battery life

When I first strapped the Explore Mobile phone Z6 to the wrist of my daughter it handiest lasted a single day with her being overly allowing for the actual fact that she has cameras to mess spherical with and photographed each and each item spherical the house consistently.

As soon as that feeble, the Z6 started consistently lasting three days on a fee – which is extremely factual whenever you happen to take note of that it runs stout Android and maintains constant records connection.

Surprisingly ample the handiest solution to leer an correct percentage studying of the accessible fee is by inserting the Explore Mobile phone on the charger with each and every its showcase and the accomplice app showing fashioned graphics with bars, nevertheless it’s most often a fundamental thing. So long as you keep in mind to assign it on the charger on the discontinuance of day three odds are it received’t die.

Charging the 680 mAh battery itself takes supreme beneath two hours. You glean a notification on the accomplice app that charging is entire supreme comparable to you discontinuance on most smartbands for the time being.

Final words

The imoo Explore Mobile phone Z6 is total a extremely factual product that’s excellently positioned. Its equipment of dialog flexibility with free video and audio messages over records connection, distraction-free trip and solid battery life is map better than what more cost-effective conceivable choices can offer.

imoo Watch Phone Z6 review

And whenever you happen to treasure to favor to glean a extra polished software program equipment that can imply going for an eSIM-packing Apple Explore or Galaxy Explore, which designate magnitudes extra and don’t nearly present the same rugged our bodies right for kids’ wrists.

If imoo fixes the accomplice app it would present a assorted equipment at what’s already an unrivaled designate point. This shall be in huge space to invent immense in western markets where or no longer it is working close to unopposed in its niche.


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