iFixit gives Xiaomi Mi 11 an average repairability score

By | March 17, 2021


The iFixit team has disassembled a Xiaomi Mi 11 and published its findings. The mobile phone were given a repairability discover of four/10, matching the vanilla Galaxy S21 (and some extent previous than the S21 Extremely), nevertheless throughout the encourage of the 6/10 that the 4 iPhone 12 fashions were given.

The team suspects that Mi 11’s loss of an IP score allowed Xiaomi to make workout of much less glue, which made casting off the encourage panel and the show (which got here out without cracking). The battery had simple to choose pull tabs as effectively. The cover and battery will imaginable get replaced one at a time, which simplifies the ones maintenance.

All the bits that make the Xiaomi Mi 11 tick(*11*)

Your general bits that sort the Xiaomi Mi 11 tick

Listed underneath are a few different clever findings. The mobile phone’s key chips are underneath a copper warmth spreader – the Snapdragon 888 is tucked underneath LPDDR5 3,200 MHz RAM from Samsung, the united states3.1 garage chip from SK Hynix is just right subsequent to it.

The Mi 11 changed into once dinged for its twisted glass, which is tougher to choose and calls for particular gear. Furthermore given that in-demonstrate fingerprint reader can best get replaced after casting off the cover (which risks cracking it). The USB-C port and the SIM card reader are soldered in, which makes them extra delicate to switch out.

iFixit gives Xiaomi Mi 11 an average repairability score(*11*)

That you could possibly most likely consistent with probability be told iFixit’s plump relate for extra details.

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