Best Travel Jackets For All Travellers in 2019 (Must Read No 2)

Icy wind, freezing rain, mountain peaks, coastal evenings, chilly deserts, winter journeys…pub crawls: there are a million situations when having a great travel jacket is wonderful.

But which one is your best travel coat?

Every backpacker irrespective of where you plan to go traveling should always bring along an awesome jacket. It’s only one of those things you need as a traveler.

Best Travel Jackets For All Travellers In 2019

I can’t tell you how many times my own jackets have saved my life (literally) from the mountains. Having a good jacket is as vital as having shoes which match or a backpack with two shoulder straps. A journey jacket is a staple piece of gear that should always be tucked down somewhere in the depths of your backpack.

Here is the definitive guide to finding the best travel jacket!

Whether you are traveling at the Himalayas or in certain urban metropolis, then you want a reliable layer to keep you not only warm but comfortable (and even trendy!)

However, there is an infinite number of coats out there. How can you know what’s the best travel coat?

That is exactly why I wrote this epic manual of the Best Travel Jackets For All Travellers in 2019

I am a world traveler who enjoys staying warm and comfortable and nerding out on cool equipment.

I’ve scoured the far reaches of this outdoor equipment world to deliver you several of my best choices for best travel jackets of 2018. From the end of this guide, you will have all you need to know — price, performance, weight, and all of the factors that go into creating an awesome coat to take travel.

Following that, you may easily get yourself a great travel jacket, and travel as a boss!

My Patagonia Nano Puff Hoodie keeping me quite warm at 15,000 ft in Nepal. Photo: Chris Lininger

The Patagonia Nano Puff Hoodie takes the prize of best complete travel coat for many different reasons. I’ve traveled with this jacket in my backpack for the last seven decades. It’s been with me to over 20 countries and 3,000 trail miles and counting.

The Nano Puff hoodie is made out of synthetic down, so it is somewhat water-resistant, unlike down natural. It’s lightweight and very packable at 12.8 ounces.

A good down (or artificial down in this instance ) is an absolute must for many backpacking trips. In warm, tropical nations, I’ve ended up using my Nano Puff every day as a cushion on buses and whilst camping.

The Patagonia Nano Puff Hoodie that the best travel coat for backpackers

At $249.00 USD it is priced in the mid-century in terms of its competitors.

Although My Nano Puff has seen a ton of abuse, it is still going strong after all this time. When the zipper in my Nano Puff died, Patagonia substituted it at no cost. Aside from the zipper I’ve had zero problems.

Along with its excellent warranty, Patagonia is a great business to encourage in general. Every single Nano Puff Hoodie is made from 55% Nominal recycled content. You can feel good about supporting a business which truly gives a shit about the ground and their particular impact on it.

This isn’t the last time you’ll be hearing about Patagonia at the best travel coats review!

Assess it on Amazon Check it on REI

Best Travel Jacket for Backpackers #2 — BauBax Bomber

If you do not understand about it, then the newest BauBax Bomber should be on your radar.

A brand new, multi-purpose travel jacket has landed on the market…and there has never been a jacket quite like it before. The BauBax Bomber is the greatest travel jacket loaded with innovative design features that would even meet the likes of James Bond and Go-Go Gadget.

Indie Go-Go/Kick Starter fundraising campaign (congrats guys!) , the people at BauBax have left the dream of the jacket a reality. Officially, the BauBax Bomber jacket will be released out to the world at the end of November 2018… so news of this jacket is just breaking. Listen up!

Why is the BauBax Bomber one of the best travel jackets on the market? The fast answer is that this jacket was engineered with ultimate travel performance in mind. The BauBax Bomber is outfitted with no less than 25impressive design features that will never leave you saying,”Oh, they forgot something”. They didn’t overlook anything in fact.

My favorite features include the prosperity of awesome/handy pockets, the neck pillow, the detachable hand warmers, and the little spot to stash your passport. Good shout, BauBax, good shout. Bloody genius.

Don’t worry girls, BauBax makes an equally badass Baubax Bomber for girls also.

The BauBax Bomber is best suited to 3-season temperatures over 40 degrees Fahrenheit in my view. When temperatures dip below that, you are going to want a different layer or two.

The best part? For this feature-loaded coat, the BauBax Bomber isn’t crazy expensive (when compared to other coats in my list). To get $199.00, the BauBax Bomber is an excellent choice for a superbly designed jacket constructed to serve backpackers on awesome experiences. Period.

I’m actually wearing my BauBax Bomber coat right now as I type this sentence. Excuse me, I simply have to inflate my throat pillow, be right back…

Check it on Baubax

Best Rain Jacket to Take Travel — Arc’teryx Beta AR

The Arc’teryx Beta AR kicks ass is rain, wind, or snow as seen whilst snow-shoeing at France. Photo: Chris Lininger

Arc’teryx is famous the world over for making a number of the best high-quality gear for experiences. I’ve had several raincoats before that claimed to be waterproof. There is nothing more frustrating (and potentially harmful ) than being outside on a backpacking trip in the hills and having your raincoat fail you. I hate that!!!

After being a rain-soaked-hiker one too many occasions, I bit the bullet and purchased an Arc’teryx Beta AR rain jacket. I haven’t looked back.

My trekking trips have never been the same and my happiness levels have stayed consistently high because of that day.

You feel as though you are wearing an invisible suit of watertight armor. It’s Gore-Tex Guru Shell three-layer laminate fabric is waterproof, snow-shedding, windproof, breathable, lightweight and durable.



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