Best Time to Visit Kerala: The Ultimate Travelling Guide

I am sure you’ll agree with me once I say Kerala is among the most gorgeous places on earth and is one destination that every tourist wishes to visit. The country is skilled with unmatched excellence of mountain stations & backwaters. From tranquil waterfalls to interesting shores, this place has everything.

Kerala has largely 3 seasons and each season offers a different experience and hence it will depend on what you want to see. However, having said that to really enjoy the genuine beauty and culture that Kerala has to offer you will need to know which is the best time to visit this place. Kerala is possibly the most popular destination for vacations and tourism in India and could be visited at any time of the year.
In this guide, we will provide you with details regarding the best time to visit Kerala as well as what all you can expect to enjoy in Kerala at various parts of the year.

Best Time To Visit Kerala: The Ultimate Travelling Guide
Winters (November – February)

This year weather stays cool and pleasant which is excellent for a vacation at any one of the destinations of Kerala. This is also the peak season for tourism here. You can learn more about the beauty of its lush green hill stations, beaches as well as backwaters within this season. A number of the best places to visit in Kerala in Peak year are Munnar, Alleppey, Thekkady, and Kumarakom.

Summer (March-May)

During this year Kerala encounters hot and humid weather. With fewer crowds that is called Away Season in Kerala. You are able to visit hill stations of Kerala such as Munnar, Thekkady & Wayanad to avoid the summertime. Additionally, it’s a good time to enjoy beach activities at some beaches in Kerala such as Varkala & Kovalam Beach. Sightseeing and Trekking are several other good options in this year.

Monsoon (June – September)

Kerala experiences heavy rain in the months of June to September. This is the best time to receive Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala. Lush green beauty with a fresh look of this condition can be best found in monsoon. Though it isn’t a good time to go to beaches and beach activities, you can visit sightseeing places, National Parks & waterfalls in Kerala. This is also a perfect time to catch fabulous bargains on resorts and is a perfect time for a budget stay.

Conclusion: Kerala has limitless attractiveness to offer to its tourists. Majestic hilltops, beautiful beaches, and scenic backwaters, your Kerala excursion will offer you all such experiences and more. It is rich natural resources offer several opportunities for adventure tourism and a pleasure-filled yet refreshing holiday.

Although winters are by far counts as the best time to visit Kerala. There are different perks and advantages of visiting this place through different seasons. Each season in Kerala is unique which makes it an ideal destination for tourists that are coming for different sorts of experiences in all these seasons.
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